FlyRider - Ride Your Drone

FlyRider - The Dream of Birdlike Flight

Welcome to my FlyRider project website. In the last century, airplanes and mass-produced cars have changed the way we live. Cars, which became affordable for the general population, have allowed us to move farther away from cities, and planes have cut travel time to faraway destinations considerably. But we are still missing the realization of a century-old dream -- the personal aircraft! Just step out the door, start the engine and take off...

Challenge VTOL

Small planes are not a new invention. But unlike your car you can't use them from home since they cannot take off and land in your garden or at your parking lot. They need the complex infrastructure of an airport. But driving your car to an airport just to enter your airplane, fly to your destination to be forced to get into a car again - this is not really the dream of the freedom of flight.

Therefore the key to success for any personal aircraft is to provide VTOL capabilities: VTOL stands for vertical takeoff and landing and allows to operate an aircraft from (almost) any place like e.g. your garden. To solve this problem, the helicopter was invented. Until today helicopters are by far the most capable VTOL aircraft but quite complex, expensive to maintain and hard to fly.

The Multicopter Revolution

Building a helicopter is almost impossible for nonprofessionals. Luckily a revolution has taken place within the last years: the raise of the electric multicopter. A muticopter is definitely the easiest possible VTOL design, since there are no moving parts at all – except for the propellers of course. Just mount a bunch of fixed pitch props to a frame and the mechanical design is done. The rest is the job of the flight controller.

This little drone is kind of a symbol for the multicopter revolution: Weighing just 23 g costing less than 15€, the H36 is a fully functional small drone that flies stable thanks to an integrated flight controller and can be steered in any direction.

FlyRider - Ride Your Drone

My plan is to build a 6 motor multicopter (hexacopter) which is capable of lifting a person and let it fly for several minutes. The altitude will be limited to 3 meters for safety reasons and to meet German air regulations: any flying machine which is not capable of flying higher than 30 meters is by definition no aircraft and does not fall under air law regulations.


Building a multicopter of this size is a longterm project. Some of the steps are already done, some are just ideas or concepts. Please note that the steps and their order may change.